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Staffed by a team of seasoned professionals, VLAM puts clients’ interests at the heart of its strategies. We are committed to understanding our clients’ investment needs and help them achieve their financial goals. We provide bespoke investment services with a focus on purpose.

Victor Lim
Managing Director 

Victor is a seasoned wealth management professional who has experience managing different classes of assets for clients, helping them navigate through different economic cycles. He demonstrates keen financial sense in his investment approach as he helps clients optimise their portfolios by uncovering risks and opportunities along the way. As the Managing Director, Victor formulates key investment strategies and oversees the broad development direction of the firm, putting in place systems and processes that enables the firm to operate independently.

Hady Elman
Client Partner

Hady has experience performing various investment-related roles. From treasury officer to private banker, Hady previously worked with several leading global financial institutions. He was involved in securities distribution, brokering, underwriting and market development. His experience has helped him build capabilities to enable him to maintain profitable portfolios for our clients.

Alicia Lim
Executive Director

Alicia has an eye for detail when it comes to numbers. Her meticulous style serves her well in the oversight of administration and finance matters to ensure efficient functioning of the firm. She is also responsible for the overall investment research and management of the firm. Alicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of London.

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